The Customer-Focused Contact Conference

14.05.2024 | LONDON

Deliver Gold-Standard Customer & Agent Experiences, Leverage New Tech Efficiencies & Drive Seamless Customer Journeys With

New & Inspired Customer-Centric Contact Centre Experiences

Attract, Engage & Retain Highly-Skilled Agents / Leverage Savvy New Tech & AI / VOC, Changing Customer Expectations & Measuring Success!

18 Contact Centre & CX Cross-Sector Industry Leaders Will Unite To Share Brand New & Refreshed Strategies, Insights & Innovations To Deliver Gold-Standard Customer & Agent Experiences, Leverage New Tech, AI, Automation & Self-Service Efficiencies & Drive Seamless Customer Journeys For Truly Customer-Centric Contact Centres

Attract, Engage & Retain Agents ■ Leverage New AI & Tech Innovations ■ Maximise VOC & Keep Up With Changing Expectations & Behaviours ■ Secure Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys ■ Deliver Remote & Flexible Service Delivery ■ Inspiring Internal Cultures & Colleague Experience ■ Assess The Role Of Human Interaction ■ Optimise Omnichannel Strategies ■ Strengthen Operational Efficiencies


Attract, Engage & Retain Highly-Skilled Agents:

Power targeted attraction schemes, mitigate high turnover rates and deliver exceptional engagement strategies to retain top talent


Leverage Savvy New Tech & AI:

Tangibly add real value to the customer experiences, improve resolution time and minimise pain points with the latest tech and AI innovations


VOC, Changing Customer Expectations & Measuring Success!

Prioritise the customer voice, measure success and harness data to level up customer support at critical touchpoints and exceed expectations


Showcase Seamless & Smooth Customer Journeys!

Deliver gold-standard customer services across your contact centres by ensuring responsive and holistic customer journeys across all channels and touchpoints


Flexible Working Which Maximises Service Delivery:

Enhance agent performance and productivity with new hybrid and flexible working models which work for your business and agents


Elevate Internal Cultures & Colleague Experiences!

Embed an engaging customer-centric culture which inspires agents to deliver high-quality customer service


The Role & Value Of Human Interaction Today:

Determine the appropriate times to ensure human contact to maximise customer support, service satisfaction and boosted retention


Optimised Omnichannel:

Streamline your customer services across all touchpoints and channels to save time and resources whilst securing high satisfaction and customer success


Refine & Maximise Operational Efficiencies:

Strengthen operations and generate resource-effective services which reduce waste and inefficiencies and drive forward business goals

PLUS! Not To Be Missed!

  • 5 Years Of Cutting-Edge Insights & Inspirations
  • The Brand-Led Contact Centre Excellence Conference Gathering Industry Leaders Annually For Critical Updates, Innovations & New Thinking!
  • New! Breakout Discussion Sessions:
    1. Measuring Success
    2. Customer Support & Vulnerable Customers
    3. Chatbots
    4. Self-Service
  • 2 Interactive Panels:
    1. VOC: Changing Expectations & Measuring Success
    2. Internal Cultures & Colleague Experience

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