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1 Inspiring Day. 20 Brands Address Your Toughest Shift To Digital & Self-Serve Challenges: ✓ Balance Human & Digital ✓ Chatbots & AI Alternatives Panel ✓ Encouraging Channel Shift ✓ Effortless Customer Journeys ✓ Demographic Differences ✓ Customer Trends & Behaviours Panel ✓ Cost-Benefit Vs. Retention ✓ Protecting Company Brand ✓ Targeting The Non-Tech Savvy ✓ Shared Takeaways Panel

20 Brand-Led Speakers Reveal How To Transform Your Customer Experience Journey With An Effortless Balance Between Digital Tools & Self-Serve & The Human Touch By Wisely Incorporating Chatbots & AI Alternatives & Encouraging Further Channel Shifts. Don't Miss In-Depth Insights Into Digital Trends & Consumer Expectations, Attitudes & Behaviours:

  1. Self-Serve & When Not To: Balance the shift to digital and self-serve with the human touch for optimal customer experiences
  2. Integrate Chatbots & AI Alternatives To Enhance The Customer Experience: Give your organisation a digital transformation boost whilst recognising the limits
  3. Encourage Channel Shift, Drive Customer Behaviour: Encourage customers to further make the shift to digital without sacrificing channel choice
  4. Effortless Customer Journeys: Create an effortless and smooth omni channel customer journey that drives efficiency for customers and the organisation
  5. Tackling Demographic Differences & Digital Expectations: Address differences between your audience to bridge the gaps between varying ages, regions and demographics
  6. The Latest Digital Trends & Consumer Attitudes, Motivations & Behaviours: Create effortless customer journeys and experiences with cross-sector insights
  7. Balancing Cost Savings With Customer Retention: Balancing the cost to self-serve and efficiencies created with customer lifetime value
  8. Protect Your Brand On The Self-Serve Journey: Is a brand faceless without the human touch?
  9. Targeting The Non-Tech Savvy: Boost consumer confidence in and understanding of your digital channels for the less tech-savvy
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What's New At This Years' Humanising Digital & Self-Serve Conference -Effortless Customer Experiences?

  • 20 Senior-Level, Brand-Led Speakers In A Compact, 1 Day Format
  • 4 Peer-To-Peer Discussions - Verifying Customer Identity, Get Your Workforce On Board With Self-Serve, Mobile Apps, Proving ROI
  • 3 Interactive Panels: Chatbots & AI, Customer Insights, Shared Takeaways
  • Luxury Venue!
  • Speed Networking, Open Q&A & Interactive Voting

Who Will Be Attending This Market-Leading Conference?
Heads & Directors Of: ✓ Digital ✓ Customer Experience ✓ Customer Service ✓ Customer Insight ✓ Customer Journey ✓ Contact Centres