The Customer-Focused Contact Centres Conference

JUNE 2024 | London

A One-Day, Customer Experienced Led Contact Centre Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, June 2024

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Deliver Gold-Standard Customer & Agent Experiences, Leverage New Tech Efficiencies & Drive Seamless Customer Journeys With

New & Inspired Customer-Centric Contact Centre Experiences

Attract, Engage & Retain Agents ■ Leverage New AI & Tech Innovations ■ Maximise VOC & Keep Up With Changing Expectations & Behaviours ■ Secure Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys ■ Deliver Remote & Flexible Service Delivery ■ Inspiring Internal Cultures & Colleague Experience ■ Assess The Role Of Human Interaction ■ Optimise Omnichannel Strategies ■ Strengthen Operational Efficiencies

Thistle Marble Arch, central London, 21st June 2023

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Attract, Retain & Engage Agents

High Priority 

09.30 Power Targeted, Benefit-Driven Attraction Schemes, Mitigate High Turnover Rates & Deliver Exceptional, High-Quality Engagement Strategies Which Retain Top Talent In Your Contact Centre

  • Define your most desirable skill sets, expand your talent pool and secure top talent with winning employee value propositions which appeal to today’s workforce, stand out in a competitive market, and suit your organisation’s long-term needs
  • Define purpose and create a resilient workforce which allows staff to see their future with the business to dramatically increase agent retention
  • How can you keep your agents happy, engaged and motivated to power next-level performance where they are inspired to offer the top class customer service, every time?
  • Drive effective and ongoing L&D and training strategies which nurture ambition and promote long-term career progression

Alexandra da Silva Rodrigues, Strategical Advisor for Global Contact Centres, Radisson Hotel Group

AI & Tech Innovations

Practical Insights

09.50 Leverage Savvy Tech, AI, Automation & Self-Service Which Tangibly Adds Real Value To The Customer Experience & Outcomes, Improves Resolution Times & Minimises Pain Points 

  • How can you decipher which new tech, AI and automation you should be investing in to drive contact centre traffic, feed agents information in real-time and ensure improved customer experiences?
  • Explore practical insights on how to seamlessly integrate AI into existing strategies to minimise disruption and maximise service quality in your contact centre
  • Demystify AI for your teams by ensuring your agents have the knowledge, skills and resources required to ease new tech implementation and deliver top class customer service
  • Critical airtight customer data safety! Examine real life case studies on how to mitigate data security risks and biases when harnessing AI and automation to reduce hiccups and increase operational efficiencies

10.10 Bonus Session; Driving effective conversations: The behavioural science behind complaints handling

  • How can our understanding of the human brain inform the way we communicate with our customers?
  • What can behavioural science teach us about complaints handling?
  • Deep-dive into a business case study that uses behavioural science to help agents effectively resolve complaints and prevent escalations during contact centre conversations.

Cynthia Tze Keng Ko, Behavioural Design Manager, Cowry Consulting

Sarah Brown, Senior Behavioural Architect, Cowry Consulting

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.55 Bonus Session; Content Guru

Nathaniel Konzon, Solutions Consultant, Content Guru

VOC: Changing Expectations & Measuring Success




11.10 Promote & Prioritise The Customer Voice, Increase The Quality Of Insights Measured & Harness Data Captured To Level Up Customer Support At Critical Touchpoints & Exceed Ever-Changing Customer Expectations

  • How do you define quality? Discover effective ways of using the voice-of-the-customer to measure the success and quality of your customer service in order to drive real improvements
  • Harness strategic data capturing capabilities to understand why a customer is getting in contact and what they are expecting from your service to become truly solutions-focused and mitigate the risk of brand reputational damage
  • How are customer behaviours evolving in 2023, what do your customers want from customer service from chatbots to self-service and telephone calls, and how can you rapidly respond to changes?

Maria Vidler, Customer Outcome & Resolution Director, Starling Bank

James Marshall, Head of Customer & Communications, Southampton City Council

Simon Separghan, Head of Customer Experience & Contact, Natwest Group

GIC - Contact Centres - Individual Tiles_Natwest Group

Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys

Double Perpsective

11.40 Showcase Seamless, Smooth, Responsive & Holistic Customer Journeys Which Guarantee Gold-Standard Customer Service Across All Channels

  • Connect the dots: explore new methods to integrate contact centres into wider business operations to simplify the customer experience and create positive contact outcomes
  • Discover brand new and innovative strategies and training methods to inspire your agents to embrace digitalisation and create an informed, straight-forward customer-first approach
  • Explore how each individual channel impacts the customer journey to minimise pain points and smooth out automation to provide a responsive, timely and seamless customer service 

11.40 Perspective 1: David Harrison, Director of Customer, Atlanta Group

12.00 Perspective 2: Mayank Bothra, Vice President, Head of Product, Digital Client Services, J.P Morgan

Omnichannel Strategy Mix

Optimised Strategies

12:20 Get Your Channel Mix Right! Optimise Omnichannel Strategies To Streamline Customer Services Across Every Touchpoint, Retain & Recover Customer Loyalty In Unpredictable Times & Streamline Customer Success

  • Quality over quantity: explore real world examples of how to review the best strategic channel mix for customer outreach to save time and resources
  • Power proactive and reactive omnichannel strategies to maintain loyalty and forecast methods of retention levels
  • Pressure test new channel strategies to analyse if a new channel would be right for your business to invest in to maximise operational efficiencies
  • In unstable economic times, optimise your channels to maintain customer loyalty with timely and responsive algorithms 

Jason Fiddes, Head of Digital: CX & Tech Futures, Sky

12.55 Morning Chair’s Closing Remarks

13.05 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners



a. Chatbots

Ingrid van Ruiswijk, Manager Customer Service DTC, New Balance

b. Measuring Success

c. Customer Support &Vulnerable Customers

d. Self-Service

14.05 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

James Marshall, Head of Customer & Communications, Southampton City Council

14.15 Bonus Session – Quik

Internal Cultures & Colleague Experience



14.30 Build & Embed An Engaging & Value-Driven Customer-Centric Culture Which Inspires Agents To Deliver High-Quality Customer Service Within A Thriving Team

  • Happy agents = happy customers! Prioritise and promote agent wellbeing and support initiatives internally so that your staff feel empowered and inspired to deliver exceptional customer service externally
  • Temperature check moral and engagement levels! Explore effective training methods that are time efficient and high impact to provide agents with all the tools they need to thrive in and out of the contact centre
  • Drive connection initiatives in offline and online spaces for value-adding results and improved customer service to retain and engage in the long-term 

Alison Jaap, PayM & Customer Care Director, OVO Energy

Abdul Khaled, Head of Digital Customer Experience, E.ON Next

Danielle McGann, Head of Contact Centre, Anglian Home Improvements

Simon Separghan, Head of Customer Experience & Contact, Natwest Group 

Ingrid van Ruiswijk, Manager Customer Service DTC, New Balance

Charlie Adams, Customer Service Operations Manager, Vitality

The Role Of Human Interaction

Digital Vs. Human

15.00 Strike The Balance Right! Assess How Human Contact & Direct Agent Interaction Impacts Your Customer Service Satisfaction & Influences Customer Retention To Determine The Perfect Balance For Your Customers & Business

  • In a digital-first world, where does human contact fit within your customer service and contact centres strategies today?
  • Supporting digital literacy: provide effective services for all customers to make sure however they access customer services, they’ll get the assistance they need first time to achieve better customer outcomes and issue resolution
  • Establish effective customer-feedback loops to centre the voice of the customer in your strategies and get a clearer understanding of the reality of your wait times and system effectiveness
  • Addressing the cost-of-living crisis: in uncertain times the number of vulnerable customers will increase, and human assistance is essential, so how can you actively ensure your agents are able to effectively support your customers? 

Phil Quickenden, Head of Customer & Registration Services, London Borough of Camden

15.15 Bonus Session; What We’ve learned About AI In The Contact Centre

Gill Marchbank, CEO, ResQ

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Remote & Flexible Service Delivery

16.00 Benefit Your Business & Agents! Define How Flexible Working Fits Into Your Contact Centre Model To Enhance Agent Productivity, Improve Engagement & Drive Retention Levels

  • The remote working attraction factor: how important is remote working for new and existing employees today? Attract a wider talent base and improved retention through matching remote working models to their needs and expectations
  • Highlight the challenges faced by training a remote team and find new and innovative ways to connect teams, boost support and strengthen company culture
  • Temperature-check productivity and performance rates under flexible working to identify pain points and improve service organisation for your agents and business

Optimise Operational Efficiencies

16.20 Strengthen Operations & Generate Resource-Effective Services Which Reduce Waste & Inefficiencies Without Compromising Customer Satisfaction & Quality To Drive Forward Business Goals

  • To insource or to outsource? Assess and examine different operations to determine what approach is right for your business to secure key investment and move from a cost centre to a profit centre
  • Revaluate how your contact centre can use resources efficiently to build and inspire environmentally friendly mindsets across the organisation
  • Discover cost-effective ways to pressure test tech and automation to withstand customer demand, minimise inefficiencies and maintain drive during operational takeovers

16.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

James Marshall, Head of Customer & Communications, Southampton City Council

16.50 Official Close Of Conference