The Customer-Focused Contact Conference

14.05.2024 | LONDON

Optimise The Balance Of Tech & AI Efficiencies, Agent Engagement & People-Focussed Customer Experiences For Fit-For-Future Contact Centres

6th Annual | 14th May 2024 | London

Balancing Digital Transformation & Human Experiences ■ Empower Agents, Engage Employees ■ New Tech, AI & Chatbots ■ Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys ■ Changing Customer Expectations & Behaviours ■ Hybrid & Flexible Contact Centres ■ Actionable Insights & Data ■ Internal Cultures & Employee Experience ■ VOC: Customer Service & Experience ■ Omni-Channel Strategies ■ Optimise Operational Efficiencies

08.15 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Elizabeth Fairburn, Customer Experience Director, Department for Work & Pensions


Double Perspective

09.20 What Does The Agent Of The Future Look Like? Discover Innovative Strategies To Engage & Retain Contact Centre Agents To Boost Employee Engagement For Successful Customer Outcomes

  • Implement innovative incentives, such as gamification, that motivate and excite your call centre agents and promote loyalty to boost retention
  • How well are you succession planning? Address the high turnover in contact centres by implementing strategies to attract, engage and retain agents by promoting career opportunities
  • Empower customer-facing employees and agents with the right tools, technology and agency to deliver good customer outcomes
  • How is the future of the workforce evolving? Adapt structures and future-proof your workforce to make room for technology working alongside the human touch

Perspective One:

09.20  Alexandra Da Silva Rodrigues, Global Head of Contact Centres, Radisson Hotel Group

Perspective Two:

09.40 Alison Jaap, VP Customer Care, OVO


New Take

10.00 How Can Digital Transformation Efficiencies & Human-Centred Experiences Work Cohesively To Drive Forward Gold-Standard Customer Service & Support All Customers Throughout Their Journey?

  • Implement a human and customer-centric customer experience design which prioritises relevant, personalised products and anticipates future actions to sustain continuous customer engagement
  • Maintain the balance between human touchpoints and the latest digital technology innovations to reflect and deliver on customer needs and streamline efficiencies
  • Unlock potential value of a tailored combination of human and digital tools and make this work harder to meet customer demands that focus on matching personal values to drive tangible result

Delegate Discussion


10.20 Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience With Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys That Prioritise Eliminating Pain Points & Empower Customers To Navigate Channels With Confidence & Maximise Operational Efficiencies

  • Build customer confidence with seamless self-service experiences: restructure customer call journeys into independent engaging digital solutions, reducing costs and streamline experiences
  • Tap into and eliminate customer pain points to streamline customer experience and build solutions! Build inclusive customer journeys that deliver consistent, frictionless experiences
  • Break down organisational siloes and resolve disjointed customer journeys with end-to-end customer-led service design that delivers cohesive omni-channel customer experiences

Phil Quickenden, Head of Customer & Registration Services, London Borough of Camden

10.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.10 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Top Priority

11.40 Maximise Service, Minimise Hassle! Designing Customer Service Experiences That Leverage Cutting-Edge & New Technology & AI Solutions Where AI & Agents Unite To Achieve Top Customer Service

  • Are your teams intimidated by AI? Give floor to failure and navigate implementing cost-effective and time-efficient generative AI tools to decrease disruption and increase the efficiency of your contact centre
  • Keep humanity in the workforce! Define the balance between AI and the human touch to maximise productivity and a holistic customer experience in your contact centre with the optimal synergy
  • The best call is no call! Develop an effortless customer experience that seamlessly integrates AI to augment human activity by minimising call volume and handling times to drive productivity
  • Don’t get left behind! Explore ways in which you can harness new technology, AI and automation tools to solve problems, deliver smooth customer journeys and add value to your operations

Giordana Mendola, Head of Digital Product Development Customer Service Technology, Air France KLM



Panel Discussion

12.00 Navigating Customer Expectations In An Ever-Changing World! Respond To Changing Behaviours & Adapt Your Customer Focused Contact Centre With Strategic Insights To Future-Proof Your Organisation

  • Use customer insights to navigate changing expectations and meet technological demands to propel your contact centre into the future
  • Do your customers need a digital confidence boost? Find ways to develop digital solutions that build consumer trust to increase customer satisfaction and buy-in
  • Expect the unexpected: adapt business models to disruption and anticipate inevitable shifts in customer expectations that support customers and strengthen relationships with them
  • Stop assuming! Align your customer desires with a service that matches customer needs to enhance efficiencies, improve decision making and reduce costs by creating deeper relationships with customers

Paul Greenwood, Customer Service Director, Ocado

Sabina Onwuka, Head of Customer Services, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

Saleta Valdés Márquez, Concept Innovation Senior Manager, MSC Cruises 

 Lucinda Scott, Customer Service Director, First Direct


12.40 Revolutionise Your Contact Centre Model Through Elevating Flexible Employee Experiences To Amplify Productivity & Power Top Quality Customer Service

  • How have hybrid ways of working transformed business models and continue to drive the demand for multi-channel strategies in customer focused contact centres?
  • Make your virtual onboarding excel! Instil company values for hybrid contact centres to reduce turnover by bridging new agents with organisational principles
  • All agents matter! Place focus on wellbeing of hybrid agents to drive excellent customer service through an engaged workforce for a seamless customer journey

Elena Athanasakou, Sales & Customer Service EU Cluster Lead, British Council

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Informal Breakout Discussions:

           a) Cost-Saving Strategies

Héctor Montalbo, Director, Member Support Operations, Bumble Inc.

           b) Handling Customer Complaints

           c) Agent Voice

           d) Agent Wellbeing

           e) Self-Service

14.00 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Sabina Onwuka, Head of Customer Services, London Borough Of Barking & Dagenham


14.10 Transform Assumptions Into Actions By Measuring & Improving Customer Contact Centre Experiences Through Data-Led Insights To Create In-Depth, Tailored, Customer-Centric Strategies

  • Stop assuming what your customers want, ask them! Harness insights and adapt touchpoints to empower customers to guide insight-led decision making and revolutionise strategies
  • Master your metrics! Implement appropriate metrics and analytics to evaluate success and determine strategy ROI to increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Leverage customer data for a more detailed understanding of customer values and expectations to provide sophisticated, data-driven experiences which improve the customer journey

Delegate Discussion



Panel Discussion

14.30 Build Your Future Workforce! Elevate Employee Experience To Positively Drive Customer Experience & Discover How Putting Your Agent First Places Your Customer First

  • Empathy from entry: empower agents to support vulnerable customers and create a compassionate work environment where agents feel connected to deliver good customer outcomes
  • Boost agent confidence by establishing the importance of the human touch in the face of digital transformation to drive quality customer service that reflects a commitment to going above and beyond for the customer
  • Future-proof your agents by creating a resilient and adaptable workforce focused on upskilling to facilitate the digital transformation and boost agent retention
  • Put your people at the heart of your customer service! Create a culture that delivers the best customer service by prioritising positive employee experiences to influence customer journeys

Saleta Valdés Márquez, Concept Innovation Senior Manager, MSC Cruises 

Áine Egan, Training and Development Lead for Halfords Customer Services, Halfords

15.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Quality Focused

16.10 Enhancing Customer-Centric Engagement! Enhancing Service Personalisation & Tailored Experiences To Excel In Your Customers Eyes

  • Seamless service interaction: enhance customer service and experience by streamlining interactions with the right tools and channels to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Increase trust and strong client relationships by providing proactive customer service where the customer needs are anticipated to optimise operational efficiencies
  • Leverage valuable customer feedback with data-driven customer insights to empower customers to navigate channels using real-time solutions for continuous service improvement
  • Why are customers calling me? Using journey mapping to aid in the self-service journey, recommending improvements to channels to enhance the experience for customers

 Paul Greenwood, Customer Service Director, Ocado


Hot Topic

16.30 Shaping Customer Service Evolution To Reflect Excellence! Discover The Secrets To Mastering Channel Optimisation To Deliver On Customer Needs Across Touchpoints

  • Have you got the right balance of channels for your audience? Discover the optimal channel mix to avoid overwhelming your customers and guarantee consistent positive results across multiple touchpoints
  • Redefining live chat: how does self-service impact customer contact? Maintain consistency and deliver excellent customer service across tailored channels to provide fast solutions
  • Go beyond automation: strategically divert digital journeys towards real-time human interaction to address complex, sensitive queries more appropriately and successfully

Lambros Efstathiou, Digital Lead, NatWest Group


Best Practice

16.50 Streamlining Operations In Cost-Conscious Times: Build Robust Strategies For Maximum Efficiencies That Cut Cost But Don’t Compromise On Quality

  • Budget restraints limiting your customer experience? Maximise savings and service by unlocking the full potential of operational optimisation at all stages of the customer journey for enhanced customer satisfaction!
  • Too much tech? Cut through the noise and be selective with the right tech for your business, your customers and their journeys and achieve effective integration of technology to complement agent capabilities and enhance productivity
  • As the world moves rapidly towards a technology-enabled future, how can contact centres optimise CX and best use increased digital capabilities designed and centred on the customer?

Mohamed Attia, Global Head Of Customer Operations, British Council

17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Sabina Onwuka, Head of Customer Services, London Borough Of Barking & Dagenham

17.20 Official Close Of Conference