5th Annual, One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 21st June 2023

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08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Alison Jaap, Customer Director, first direct

  • Identify where new tech is needed within the organisation to best serve customers’ needs and improve efficiencies – without breaking the bank!
  • Where are tech advancements moving faster than our customers? Identify customers and customers situations that require that person-to-person interaction
  • Understand the crucial moments your customer expects the human touch and empower agents to provide best-in-class customer services at these moments
  • Ensure agents and customers are fully prepared for technology changes, and remove pain points from the customer journey before they occur
  • AI, automation and chatbots… where has it worked well with good customer satisfaction metrics?
Adam Axelrod-Harash, Head of Customer Service Operations, Volkswagen Group UK Ltd

  • What key technologies have been crucial during the pandemic to ensure the success of remote working in contact centres?
  • Back to the office? WFH? Hybrid Models? What does the future look like for contact centres to ensure both customer success and agent retention?
  • How can agents be supported effectively working from home to both drive performance and employee wellbeing?
  • Solidify data security with remote working and secure peace of mind for both customers and the business
  • Keep a close eye on remote agent performance while maintaining trust and autonomy
  • Broadband, distractions, space… what are the hurdles to smooth WFH operations and how does that impact your workforce policies?
Jo Garland, Senior Manager, Customer Support, Asda

Alex Hawkins, Senior Associate, Systems Efficiency, Liverpool Football Club

Jean Crosbie, Head of Customer Contacts, Aer Lingus

  • How can customer data be leveraged effectively to offer a more proactive customer services and remove pain points from customer journeys
  • Apply successful customer journey mapping strategies to understand your customers experience and provide consistent and reliable service across your channel mix
  • Balance automation advances with that personal touch: insights into customer journeys that need human interaction to provide reassurance, swift resolution and above-and-beyond CX
Nicola Harris, Head of Customer Journeys, Virgin Media O2

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

  • With the pandemic changing both customer expectations and demands, how can we leverage data and feedback to ensure the voice of the customer is being truly heard and actioned?
  • How can memorable experiences inspire brand loyalty and create long-term customer relationships?
  • The customer’s voice can be heard further than the contact centre! From social media feedback to review sites, how can we become solutions-focused and mitigate any brand reputational damage?
10.55 Perspective One:
Ian Webber-Rostron, Head of Customer Care, Missguided

11.15 Perspective Two
Henriette Jehnert, Global Head of Multichannel Contact Center Services, UBS

12.05 Savvy Tech Application That Makes A Tangible Impact On Customer Outcomes, Colleague Experience &
Contact Centre Efficiencies
  • Advances in AI and chatbots have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but where are the most effective areas for business to invest to ensure improved customer experience?
  • Cyber, data, cloud… with new tech comes new security vulnerabilities! How can we ensure airtight customer data safety with these advances?
  • Delve deeper into the data on how your customers interact with new tech and ensure you are removing pain point for customers, not adding them
  • Set out metrics to accurately benchmark tech performance post-implementation to ensure customer needs are met, agents are productive and overall targets are being met
Chris Diviney, Sr Director CX, Global Customer Care, Hertz

12.35 Morning Chair’s Closing Remarks
Alison Jaap, Customer Director, first direct

12.40 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Mark Davies, Customer Contact Director, Bupa UK

  • From phone to webchat to email, determine the channels to prioritise in your contact centre to offer customers the choice they truly want
  • Understand the needs of different customer segments and effectively target your channel strategy to your customer base
  • Ensure you’re not overlooking the digitally challenged in this digital world! Decipher where extra investment is worth every penny for vulnerable customers and more serious cases
  • The pandemic has helped customers naturally move towards self-service, but how can businesses help these behaviours become embedded in the long-term?
Mark Elliott, Head of Distribution Planning & Strategy, Skipton Building Society

  • Inspire customer-centricity with robust employee engagement throughout your contact centre to develop agents that deliver best-in-class customer experiences time after time
  • Give agents agency! When can agents go “off script” to best support customers?
  • What technologies truly get the best out of agents and enable them to provide memorable customer experiences call after call?
  • Measure the impact your staff engagement strategies are having on customer experience and demonstrate the value this is having on the bottom line
  • What methods and training best help agents empathise with customers’ experiences to create a journey that really looks after customers?
Rebecca Powell, Runs Keeping Families Happy (Head of Customer Care), Ella’s Kitchen

Mark Elliott, Head of Distribution Planning & Strategy, Skipton Building Society

Dan Eddie, Customer Experience Director, Vanarama

Claire Carroll, Head of Sales & Service, The Co-operative Group

Beverley Hullock, Senior Manager, Service Improvement & Solution Architecture, Openreach

Jean Crosbie, Head of Customer Contacts, Aer Lingus

15.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

  • Increase agent retention through developing a nurturing company culture where people feel comfortable in their workplace and see a future with the business
  • Remote or on-site, how can we best support agents and their wellbeing?
  • Career progression! Learning and development strategies to nurture ambition and retain top talent long term
16.05 Perspective One:
Audrey Huot, Head of Customer Experience, Cox & Cox


16.25 Perspective Two:
Alexandra Ilie, Head of Advisory Contact Centre, ING

  • What quick tips and tricks can be implemented to streamline your contact centre operations to ensure you’re adding value for customers and the business?
  • Where can automation be effectively utilised to streamline wait times for customers and improve brand experiences?
  • Best-practice advice on overhauling day-to-day operations to bring your contact centre into the modern world without breaking the bank?
Helena Cooney, Head of UK Client Services, Fidelity International

17.05 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks
Mark Davies, Customer Contact Director, Bupa UK

17.15 Official Close Of Conference