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25 Leading Directors Share Their Insights To Empower Agents, Harness Tech & Boost Efficiencies To Deliver Seamless, Omni-Channel Customer Journeys & Contact Centre Experiences

Tap Into The Evolving Customer Voice, Behaviours & Expectations To Unlock Exceptional Customer Experiences & Deliver Seamless End-To-End Journeys • Intuitive Omni-Channel Experiences Which Smoothly Guide Towards Tech, Automation Or Agent Interaction & The Human Touch • Attract, Engage & Retain Agents & Enhance Internal Cultures • Optimise Operational Efficiencies & Maximise Resourcing • The Future Of The Contact Centre & Remote & Flexible Operations.
A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 21st June 2022, One America Square, Central London. Group Discounts Available - Send 4 For 3! 

25 Cross-Sector Leaders From Contact Centres & CX Hubs Delve Into The Strategies, Insights & Innovations They Have Drawn Upon To Keep Apace With Digital Change, Cultivate Thriving Work Cultures & Excellent Customer Care & Drive Their Operations Forward In A More Remote World

1. Optimise AI For Tech-Dependent Audiences With High Expectations: Set up your customer service offering to thrive in the digitised marketplace - NEW METHODS!

2. 360° Customer Insights: Leverage VOC data and feedback for insights into evolving customer behaviours and expectations

3. Gain & Retain Capable & Reliable Colleagues: Unlock effective agent recruitment, development and engagement strategies to avoid shortages in your service demand

4. Benefit From Flexible & Remote Approaches: Fuse employee benefits, business needs and customer demands with a workforce strategy that works for all

5. Responsive, Engaging Customer Journeys: Dial up data to relieve pain points and deliver smooth and personalised customer service with quick resolution - NEW!

6. What About The Human Touch? Divert complex enquiries seamlessly towards excellent customer care

7. Internal Cultures With Trust, Value & Connection: Value your agents with autonomy and a healthy social culture to foster above-and-beyond customer experience

8. Intuitive Omni-Channel Experiences: Design fit-for-purpose pathways for responsive contact tailored to customer and business needs

9. High Demand, Staff Shortages: Solutions to maximise resources in a high-demand, low-supply employment market - NEW!

10. Optimise Operational Efficiencies: Spark change to streamline contact centre operations and maximise resources - NEW STRATEGIES!

11. Contact Centres 3.0: Embrace digital cultures and take people with you on your change journey to truly evolve - NEW!

This 4th Annual Customer-Focused Contact Centres Conference Also Features:

  • 20 Cross-Sector, Brand-Side Contact Centre Directors Speaking!
  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up! Including Jaguar Land Rover, The Very Group & Air France-KLM
  • Cutting-Edge Practice For 4 Years & Counting!
  • 18 Varied Contact Hubs Across 8 Sectors
  • Capture The Momentum Of 2021! Learn and inspire
  • 3 Interactive Q&A Panels: A) VOC & Keeping Pace With Changing Expectations & Behaviours B) Internal Cultures & Colleague Experience C) Contact Centre Evolution
  • Peer Sharing: Networking Opportunities & Q&As Throughout The Day

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Get Involved In Europe's 4th Annual Customer-Focused Contact Centres Conference!

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20 Cross-Sector Brands Speaking In 1 Day: New Tech & AI • VOC • Recruit & Retain • Remote & Flexible Operations • Customer Journeys & Insights • Personalised CX • Colleague Engagement & Internal Cultures • Omni-Channel • Operational Efficiencies • Maximise Resources • Contact Centre Evolution


Empower Agents, Harness Tech & Boost Efficiencies To Deliver Seamless, Omni-Channel Customer Journeys & Customer-Centric, Loyalty-Boosting, Fit-For-Future Contact Centre Experiences

Tap Into The Evolving Customer Voice, Behaviours & Expectations To Unlock Exceptional Customer Experiences & Deliver Seamless End-To-End Journeys • Intuitive Omni-Channel Experiences Which Smoothly Guide Towards Tech, Automation Or Agent Interaction & The Human Touch • Attract, Engage & Retain Agents & Enhance Internal Cultures • Optimise Operational Efficiencies & Maximise Resourcing • The Future Of The Contact Centre & Remote & Flexible Operations

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 21st June 2022, Central London. Group Discounts Available - Send 4 For 3! 

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alison Jaap, Customer Care Director, OVO


09.10 What Can Tech Provide For Our Customers? New Tech, AI, Automation & Self-Service Design To Improve Resolution Time, Increase Customer Satisfaction & Minimise Operational Costs

  • AI, automation and tech has come so far! How can we break down the connotation of poor experiences and remove fear around tech applications to reap the benefits?
  • From new idea to business as usual: how can you ensure you have the knowledge, skillset and resources required for successful integration of future-trending tech such as WhatsApp, voice tech, screensharing and other AI tools into contact centre operations and business frameworks?
  • From vulnerable customers to different drivers and goals, build in failsafe responses which pivot from automation to agent contact where needed
  • How can we influence customer behaviours to encourage interaction with digital and self-service options for more cost-effective, secure and potentially speedier resolution?
  • As the pandemic has accelerated the drive towards virtual customer services, what is the future of digital connectivity?

Eugene Neale, Director of Business IT and CX Engineering, loveholidays


09.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Cowry Consulting

Ziba Goddard, Chief Consulting Officer, cowry consulting

Raphy March, Chief Design Officer, cowry consulting


09.45 360° Strategies: Level Up Customer Insights & Data Strategies For Responsive, Customer-Driven Contact

  • Soaring customer expectations getting you down? What are the easiest, most effective ways to level up the experience and what lessons can we take from other sectors?
  • Leverage CRM to dig into the data and analytics to understand exactly why a customer is getting in contact
  • Maximise data opportunities with strategic CRM integrations for a 360° view of customer insights and analytics which increases agility, responsiveness and resource deployment
  • From asynchronous messaging and self-service to telephone, what are customer behaviours telling us about what they want their contact to look like and how is this evolving?
  • Incorporate social media and online review portals into strategies which quickly action complaints to enhance response times and company reputation

Olivia Chambers, Customer Insights Manager, Huel

Kirsty Tarbuck, Customer Experience Strategy Manager, The Very Group

Katie Greer-Thompson, CRC Future Customer Experience Delivery Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

Kate Birtles, Customer Services Director, Biffa


10.15 In A Difficult Recruitment Climate, Develop Stand-Out, Benefit-Driven Talent Strategies To Attract, Engage & Retain Agents

  • Temperature-check and analyse the roots of attrition to retain talent and build effective employee value propositions which appeal to today’s workforce and mould a sustainable working culture
  • Build up your employer branding for solid recruitment strategies which expand your talent pool
  • How can you maximise contact-centre specific employee engagement approaches when calls are back-to-back and time equals money?
  • Retention, retention, retention: L&D and training strategies to light a fire in agents, define purpose and keep their role exciting, engaging and autonomous

Graham Young, Manager Customer Operations - Aviation & Joint Venture Board Director, Shell


10.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Nice

Gregg Widdowson, Director, Sales Engineering EMEA, NICE

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.20 As Post-COVID Employee Expectations Around Flexible & Homeworking Evolve, What Could & Should This Look Like As A Long-Term Contact Centre Model & How Can It Benefit Both Business & Agents?

  • As business in general trends towards hybrid working to what extent can we widen our talent pool and secure top-level talent by offering remote customer contact positions?
  • Do agents need to be in one location? What is needed in terms of data, training and tools to trust agents to deliver top-of-the-range customer service wherever they are based?
  • Can we seize the opportunity to broaden our customer offering and increase staffing around peak demand with more flexible communications delivered by flexible-hours agents? And what tech is needed to support this?
  • Recognise the pressure hybrid or remote working places on team leaders to ensure training and performance are managed and productivity and agent engagement levels are high
  • Better understand and navigate the barriers of remote contact to create a strong sense of company identity and personal belonging during the recruitment and onboarding period, and bolster engagement and motivation

Julia Walker-Smith, Associate Director, Underwriting, Services & Customer Support, BGL Insurance


11.40 Design Intuitive Journeys & Minimise Pain Points To Achieve Responsive, Engaging Customer Contact & Experiences Across All Channels

  • Generate data-led overviews of customer journeys from first interaction to post-contact care to review demographic trends and optimise experiences
  • With contact centres back to the forefront of CX, how can we embrace digitisation to make seamless, effortless connections with customers across all our channels and frontline agents?
  • Locate and address the pain points in customer journeys to smooth out automated flows or provide timely, seamless switches to agent intervention
  • One size doesn’t fit all! Interrogate your customer contact to seek opportunities for personalisation to maximise comms, offer relevancy and enhance loyalty

11.40 Tanya Geekie, Head Of Customer Experience, UK & EMEA, Meyer Group

12.00 Damian Coulton, Customer Service Director, SSE Business Energy


12.20 Where Value Beats Cost! Where & When To Ensure Customers Have Direct Agent Interaction To Achieve Better Customer Outcomes, Issue Resolution & Enhance The CX

  • Complex interactions, vulnerable customers and emotionally-charged topics: identify where human assistance is absolutely essential and ensure these customer enquiries are escalated to the right agent to provide the right customer care
  • Develop agency in your agents! Train and empower agents to deliver responsive, tailored and personalised customer engagement
  • Staffing issues, wait times, systems not aligning with customer experience history… how can we alleviate the barriers to quick, effective and personable customer servicing?
  • Increased value transaction, reduced complaints, enhanced loyalty… how can we demonstrate the value-add of telephony where it is just often seen as a cost?

Dawn Cronogue, Contact Centre Director, Brakes

12.40 Morning Chairs’ Closing Remarks

12.50 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.50 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Clare Naunton, Former Programme Director, Customer and Stakeholder Experience, National Grid


14.00 Cultivate A Customer-Centric Contact Centre Culture Where Agents Are Connected & Independent, Add Value & Feel Valued

  • Happier agents, happier customers: methods to promote wellbeing and support initiatives in offline and online spaces to maintain engaged teams and keep spirits high
  • Future pipelines: take care of the next generation by fostering opportunities for progression, agent-to-agent knowledge sharing and creating a culture of connection and support
  • Manage business change and transformation to reposition contact centres and customer experience as central and pivotal to the organisation and ensure that value is communicated to our front-line workers
  • How can we do more to recognise direct correlation between agent action and high CSAT and NPS scores and celebrate success?

Roseanne Baxter, Head Of Customer Care, OVO Energy

Michael O'Brien, Head of Fraud Prevention - First Customer Contact Centre, FirstGroup Plc

Dimple Pattani, Head of Frontline Customer Support, GoCardless

Charlie Adams, Customer Service Operations Manager, Vitality


14.30 From Channel Proliferation To Strategic Pathways: Optimise & Match Channels To Customer Needs Effectively To Streamline Customer Success

  • Omni-channel doesn’t mean every channel available! Slim down your channels for strategic, insight-led customer contact journeys which offer what customers really need, minimise channel switching and drive efficiencies
  • How can we make effortless, seamless connections for our customers, and our people, across all channels?
  • Create intuitive customer journeys guided by what the customer needs, not only how the business wants to interact with them
  • Blend technologies such as chatbots and voice recognition to reduce triage time with switching seamlessly to agent intervention where needed, and resolve queries painlessly

Giovanni Gelape, Global Operations Director - Acquisition and Customer Service, BNP Paribas Personal Finance


14.50 Constantly & Consistently Deliver More & Better With Less: Tactics Which Identify Waste & Inefficiencies & Spark Change To Increase Operational Efficiencies

  • From tech to staff… strengthen operations to build business continuity and resilience into the contact centre function for unshakable customer services
  • Strategically develop dashboards for at-a-glance contact centre management overviews which identify operational inefficiencies and potential savings within the current contact centre framework
  • Embrace the right technology and RPA for your contact centre to replicate and accelerate processes and save time, resources, and effort
  • Pressure-test your technology to ensure that it stands up to high customer demand, staffing gaps and new digital upgrades
  • We can and have responded to drastic change! How can we learn from this to make continuous improvement part of day-to-day life and develop forward-thinking mindsets?

Richard Murray, Global Customer Services Director, Cambridge University Press & Assessment


15.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 High Customer Demand, Staff Shortages: Alternative People Solutions To Overcome Pressures & Shortages In The Labour Market

  • Flexibility breeds savings? Optimise staffing during peak windows and minimise staffing during quiet periods with flexible resourcing and flexible contracts to comfortably cover demand
  • Nearshoring, remote workers and part-time solutions can continue to deliver consistent performance whilst making savings from the trade-offs with employee flexibility and recruiting at distance
  • Where needs must, explore outsourcing best practices to ensure customers are serviced not just quickly, but effectively!

Renzo Urzua, Global Contact Centre Training & Design Manager, Mastercard


16.30 From Tech To Agents, From Infrastructure To Customer Demands: What Are The Building Blocks For The Contact Centre Of Tomorrow?

  • Big ship to turn: how can large-scale, legacy organisations ignite a business-wide desire for change and achieve agility in digital and people strategies?
  • How can we not only build our vision but communicate it so customers, colleagues and the wider business see the strategic and added value of contact centres?
  • Leverage customer and colleague feedback to guide transformative strategies for truly people-centric servicing

James Revell, Director of International Contact Centres, Air France-KLM

Lucy Child, Strategy Manager, Customer Care, The Very Group

Ian Webber-Rostron, Head of Customer Care, Missguided

17.00 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.10 Official Close Of Conference

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